Hooking my Imac computer to my HD tv

Hello, I have an I Mac computer that I want to connect to my RCA HD tv. I have run an HDMI cable from the computer to the HDMI input on the TV...I get the video, but not the sound.on the tv..I was told to connect a wire from the earphone port on the computer to the earphone port on the tv, but there is still no sound. Can you help?
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  1. Connect the wire from the earphone port on the computer to the (stereo) audio in port on the TV. This is often a green color. Do not plug it into the earphone port on the TV, as that is for output.
  2. If your TV doesn't have the green 1/8" size audio input (same size as an average headphone jack), then get a 'y-cable' that goes from your computer's headphone output to a red and white 'RCA' type connector. Your TV almost certainly will have one or more of these red and white audio inputs.
  3. 2009 iMac's and 2010 macbook pro's will transfer sound via the HDMI.... no other macbook pro or iMac will do that.... Unfortunately.... like stated above, you'll need to use the audio jack.
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