Email between Workstation and laptop...

Been wanting to sort this out since i got my laptop about as year ago but never really put much through into it

I want to be able to setup some sort of system that will allow me to view my email on my desktop and my laptop... I want something similar to IMAP - however i dont like the way IMAP handles emails..

If anybody has used hotmail in Outlook, I would like something similar to that - IE when i delete an email, instead of striking it through (ala IMAP) it moves it to the deleted folder..

POP3 is not ideal as i dont want to be duplicating the emails and having 2 seperate email stores - this would just cause confusion.

Idealy, I dont want a program that just shares the email DB over the local network from computer to computer - i would prefer to be able to download the headers off a server and do it that way...

Any suggestions?
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  1. There's a fairly simple solution for this IMAP deletion problem. Set your e-mail view not to display items once they have been marked for deletion. This will make it appear as though the message has been removed from the server.

    When you feel ready, permanently delete the items by purging them.
  2. For your case the best would be web based. If you use pop accounts set the files to remain on the server for a set number of days. So deleting them on one pc will not remove it from the mail server. That way it will still be on the server when you check with your other pc. You can also set mail systems not to empty the trash on exit.

    I go back in forth between to pc's. I leave the mail on server for 2 weeks. The only problem I run into is sent mail. The sent folder only remains on the pc that sent it. But my web mail account all is there. If you get enough storage space you do not need to worry about cleanup. Now if you are over run with SPAM, I would change emails and keep it private.
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