Dell XPS 1710 single 7950gtx vs Alienware m9700 dual 7900gs

I have been looking around the internet trying to find the fastest graphics laptops within our budget and we need serious graphics power, so the question of the hour is:

Bottom line which has more graphics clout the-
Dell XPS 1710 Intel dual core 7600 single 7950gtx OR Alienware m9700 Amd turion 2.4 dual 7900gs

(We are actually a science research laboratory and need portable graphics workstations for displaying openGL models of cancer tumours and hearts).

Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. Neither are for what you wanna do, they are for gaming.

    Get one with Quadro FX or Fire GL video cards.
  2. I wouldn't get that system from a distributor using stock cooling brah...

    VERY bad idea.
    The ODM wassn't even sure the 7950 GTX would work in it because they had heat issues.
  3. Take a look at Dell's site, look for mobile workstations, Precision M65 or M90 (I'm also considering buying one, I work with 3d modeling programs). And if you need to display 3d models a quadro 2500 is actually the top choice for price/performance (the 3500 is slightly better in numbers and very expensive). A fast hard drive is also a key component on laptops. Good luck! :wink:
  4. if your up to very powerful mobile workstation performance look at this:

    up to 4gb ram
    up to fx 2500M
    up to 80 gb 7200 rpm drive.
  5. Independent review you may want to look at if you are considering an Alienware or DELL.

    Alien autopsy reveals m9700 tried to abduct wrong notebook.

  6. My that is an impressive laptop you got there.

    Makes me wish i had 3 grand to blow on my college laptop. :lol:
  7. Hey, that's what student loans are for!
    I just got the PS3, and now I need a big 1080p HDTV to "experience it all" 8O

    Thing is SWEET though, I have to hand it to them, and it does a lot of cool stuff that no one is really talking too much about. Media center type stuff.
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