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I have a question. I have an HP pavillion laptop and i am having major problems withit. it keeps shutting off for no reason and the buttons for clicking do not work very good anymore. I almost have to put all my weight into them to make them click. I am wondering if it is worth my while to try and change the hard drive to something else and remove and replace the entire keyboard. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. My mind reader is broken........ what cpu, RAM, etc in it?
  2. When you say "buttons for clicking" I take that to mean the Mouse Left and Right buttons, yes no? That would not exactly deem a need for a replacement Keyboard. So, which is it? keyboard, or mouse buttons?

    If your keyboard itself "qwerty" is disfunctional, then you might be able to obtain a replacement online, or direct from HP.
    Anyhow, as Asusman said, List your specs, or model number so it's clearer what we have to work with here.
    Also, please describe any coincidences, or situations which caused your Shutdown. Tell us if you run an updated anti-virus, how long the problem has persisted, and if it has any other "issues" you've noticed
  3. Im guessing the shutting down happens on both external power and battery? I think the shutting down could be an overheating issue, give all the vents a good hoovering, or even open it up an hoover it if you are comfortable doing that.

    Cant help with the buttons though sorry.
  4. Well, a lot of probllems may responsible for your keys to be inactive, but one solution I wi recommend 4 u is to bow the entire keys for dust and if the problems still persist then you can now change the keys although u did not specify either is the keyboard keys that are malfunctioning or the maouse keys.
    and to your second problem I think you need to let us know the capacity of that system bcos it may be that the processor capacity is not sufficeient enough to execute the current load on your hard-drive which now results to overheating of the board, so my dear I guess three solutions 4 u
    1 check if your battery is still OK and well fixed
    2 Check if your antivirus is still up to date, and finally
    3 if the above cannot solve the problem try to reduce the load on your hard drive so that the processor wi be able to run easily
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