two soundcards, software or something else?


I am building a small-semiembedded multimedia home platform/server for myself. Server should be movie and music archive as well as apartments communication and lighting controller etc.

How do I divide my pc's sound system into different 'channels'? I want to, for example, listen music in one room and simultaneously watch a movie in another room. Do I need multiple soundcards and/or amplifiers and/or some kind of software to control those to solve that sound problem?

Ideas and suggestions accepted =)
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  1. Hm,
    I have never heard of a sound card that does this. Two sound cards might work. Sounds like a configuartion nightmare though. Generally programs use the default S/C. You can't have more than one default S/C. If you could get a DVD player that allows you to choose which S/C it uses would work. I used to use my computer as a Multimedia center to some extent. I spent alot on wires and switch a switch box. But I was only going to one room. This could get hairy going to 2 or more rooms. You would be better off buying a good stereo. The good ones have the ability to send different signals to two different rooms at the same time. They also have lots of connections on the back. I have an integra stereo I like alot. Playing DVD's from you computer doesn't make sence any more as a good progressive scan DVD player is only $150. I would (and have) invest in a good stereo.
  2. Yep...

    Stereos and a real DVD player would be easier solution for sure, but I really don't want to do that.
    It is not question about money. Oh well.. maybe a little bit =). It is question about usability and convenience (if the system works as it should be).
    I just want to get rid off those numerous remotes and hide all 'separate systems' like stereos, DVD players, amplifiers etc. into one box somewhere away from people's eyes.
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