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Less frequency with Dual Channel DDR?

Last response: in Memory
August 4, 2003 3:06:33 AM

I had recently bought 2 sticks of OCZ PC3700EL memory, when I use single channel DDR, I can do 260 FSB, however when I use Dual Channel DDR, the frequency won't go above 215 without massive graphics corruption. Anybody experienced this problem with dual channel DDR before? Somebody please help me.

I hate Computers! I could only overclock my Barton 2500+ to 2645mhz. My Sapphire 9800pro core/mem speed won't go above 490/750. I really hate computers!
August 4, 2003 6:25:38 AM

dual channel is running the memory harder than single channel...possibly pat could have something to do with this...

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