Hello need some help please haveing a very annoying problem.Just about everytime I turn my computer on after about 45-70 seconds it freezes up.After rebooting a couple of times it is ok.Any ideas?Thank you...:)
System Spec's
CPU-AMD Athlon-1900 XP+
M.B-MSI-K7T-Turbo2 ATX-MS-6330-v5.X
BIOS-Award ver 3.2-
Chipset-KT133A-latest 4 in one drivers
Maxtor HD=7200 rpm
512-meg pc 133 cas 2
500wat pw sup
PNY GForce4 TI4400-128MB--29.41 drivers
Aureal Vortex2 8830 sound card
NEC MuliSync 19in monitor
Saitek controls-USB-X45
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  1. Lets start with the easy ones.

    Once you get it running, run a virus scan.
    Check your temperatures.
    Any new software or hardware?

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  2. Camiabaz,Hi.If it was a virus wouldnt it do more damage then temp locks?Runs at 43C.No new hardware or anything.
  3. Try this once you have booted up. Click Start/Run, type in "msconfig", on the Start tab see what programs are starting up. From this point you can make a list of which have check marks, then uncheck the nonessential. Whenever you click "Apply" or "Ok" you will have to reboot.

    So, if you want you can just note what's in your startup list, then get out of msconfig and go to your desktop, and do a "Ctrl-Alt-Del". Then end task on everthing except "Explorer" & "Sys Tray" if you don't experience any freeze-ups then you know your problem is software related.

    Now back to the Startup List, start unchecking boxes one-by-one and rebooting until you find out which program is the problem. This is trial-n-error type troubleshooting, but it works. Good luck!

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  4. Hi jc14all thanks for the answer.Iam on selective startup all the time.The only things that run when I start is Explore and systry....:)
  5. With only Explorer and Sys Tray running are you still experiencing the freezes? What mouse driver are you running? This is from the Logitech site:

    Logitech MouseWare version 7.5x and above has been tested under Windows 98 and is fully functional and compatible. All features of the Enhanced Mouse Properties, including button assignments and scrolling, work correctly. Using MouseWare versions 7.2x and below under Windows 98 is not recommended.

    I have seen mouse drivers cause some really weird stuff. Just a shot in the dark.

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  6. jc,got Mouseware ver 9.6.
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