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Hi, im not sure if this is the right area in the forum to post this, but here goes.

Ok, with HL2 coming out in under 2 months i've decided I need a system upgrade, and am doing so by ordering parts and assembling myself. The thing is, I have no knowledge whatsoever in custom assembly other than what I have picked up from forums. So I was wondering if you could look at my setup to see if all parts are compatible with each other, and i'm not missing anything. Thanks!

Motherboard: Abit NF7-S 2.0

CPU: AMD Athlon 2800+ XP (333FSB)

Video Card: ATI Radeon 9800pro, 128mb DDR, 378 core / 337 mem

Memory: 2 x OEM 512mb DDRAM, 400Mhz, PC3200

Hard Disk: Western Digital 120GB, 7200rpm ATA-100 HDD 8MB Cache

PSU: 430W

Ok, so does that system work?

Like, if im using a FSB333 CPU, am I allowed to use 400mhz DDRAM, or does that also have to be 333mhz? And is PC3200 RAM compatible with my mobo? Is the PSU too much or too little? If you could tell me any problems, or any obvious things im missing (other than cables, case, etc.), it would be a really great help!

Thanks :)

[Edit]Oh, I just thought of one more thing. This might sound stupid, but do I need to find a special case to fit my motherboard, or do you just screw in the mobo no matter how many ports you have sticking out the back? And if it says on case description, p4 Connectors, will my AMD still fit?[/Edit]<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by JizZ on 08/04/03 12:26 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. Yeah that should work... mobo support PC3200 RAM and this can be runned at PC3200 or PC2700 speed, whatever you like. PSU will be fine... make sure it is decent quality though. I assume you use the onboard sound.

    Your mobo is a normal ATX one and will fit in any ATX case... the P4 connector is only an additional connector which doesn't have to be used so don't worry about that.

    Also be sure to get one or two case fans.

    I love my Delta 60HP 7000 RPM fan that puts out more dB then CFM :eek:
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