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Hey, I'm lookin to upgrade a PIII system to a new P4 everything. I know I need a new power supply for the P4 mobo extra connections (as well as likely needed more wattage anyway). Is there any reason I can't use my very roomy mid tower ATX case? I can't think of anything that has changed that would make the case unusable, but I'd rather be aware of any silliness before I order all the parts.

Secondly, what size power supply is the norm these days? I'll be running a new mobo and Intel chip in the 2-3 GHz range and (hopefully) a new mid-high-end video card.

While I'm askin questions, I suppose I should ask about cooling as well. I currently have a front and rear fan pulling air from the front to the back with a fan duct pulling air off the CPU and out the back. Will I need more active cooling with this kind of setup? If so, would a drive bay or PCI fan do the trick as I'd rather not drill holes in my case.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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  1. 1) The case with a new PSU should be fine.
    2) PSU 400-420W of good quality should be safe depending on the graphics card and what else you have in the case. I'd err on the side of caution (say at least 400W).
    This fellow thinks more
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    3) I think you have the right idea about cooling. What you have will probably be ok. Check the temps and if not try your PCI and drive bay cooling.

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  2. Should be fine, but this would be the easiest time to change your case if you were ever planning on doing it. But this is coming from a guy who gets a new case every year or so :wink:
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