Geforce GO 7700 x Geforce GO 7900 Gs

Hello everyone, 1st of all, THIS FORUM IS AMAZING!

i´ve got a little doubt about this 2 video cards,
everybody knows that the Geforce GO 7950 GTX is the very blazing top of line, but, if we compare this 2 video cards (Geforce GO 7700 x Geforce GO 7900 Gs), what one is the best?
The 512 MB VRAM of the 7700, or the 256 MB of the 7900 Gs?
Does anyone have tests on 3dMark with both this Video Cards?

And a second question, does anyone know if the Geforce 7600 with 512 MB VRAM (avaible at the HP pavillion 9K series), really have 512 MB of VRAM or have a shared turbo cache part?

Well thats it, hope u guys can help me =D
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  1. Here's a good benchmark link.....
    Mobile gpu benchmarks
  2. Good link!
    Thanks for the help!
    So even with less memory de Geforce 7900 beats up the 7700! Does anyone knows why?
  3. My guess would be the pixel pipelines. The 7900 has 20 pipelines versus the 7700's 12 pipes. The 7700 is not a bad card, but will not be able to play games at high resolutions. Just out of curiosity, which laptop are you looking at that has the 7700? let me know.
  4. I think that the only notebook that got the 7700 today is the Asus G1...

    But im kinda disapointed, couse with 1800 USD (price of G1) i can buy a dell inspiron 1707 (9400) with a 7900 (gs of course), so i think that the 7700 doesnt worth the money that it charges!
    Well thats all

    Tanx u all!
  5. The G1 is a great deal if compared to the rest of Asus' line. An A8Js also has the go7700, but to match the G1 with upgrades would cost more. It's splitting hairs to compare the 7700 and the 7600 in real game play. 512 ram will help but is not nearly the difference seen in upgrading from 128 to 256megs. Why? Well, I'm supposing a combination of forces and the fact that many games simply don't need or can't use 512 effectively well yet. The dell with the 7900gs will be cheaper with coupons, until you stack on upgrades and warranty extensions, and an extra battery or two. Asus offers 2 year warranty service standard (if it states 1 year make sure you check with asus, you'll see a free 2 year upgrade which should be good for any current purchase) The gaming difference between these two gpus are noteable. If you want as much raw power for the smallest investment..Dell might be our ride. If you want a little more elegance and quality behind that Asus is a better choice. If you wanted speed, quality and good service/warranty, I would go with something more like a Clevo 570u from an online retailer, armed with a 7800gtx, to keep it somewhat in budget. Check Rjtech, they might still offer it. the 7800gtx is a dying breed though.
  6. The clevo u said is amazing, but it´s too expansive... 2.5k with 7200RPM n 2GB RAM

    i think i can get a dell 1705 with the same specs and a 7900 Gs for about a 1.8/1.9k, on ebay i think...

    What do u think about buying Notebooks on ebay:?
  7. Ebay is fine as long as the seller has good ratings, feedback and hopefully is close to you geographically or runs a business, incase you have problems. Just remember to take the usual ebay precautions, watch out for scams, and read every detail. I would feel more comfortable buying from a retailer with a reputation, but that's not to say there aren't good reliable buys elsewhere. Your only real sacrifice will be warranty, case depending.
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