Chenbro's Xpider (Gaming Bomb) case

Hi all! This is my first post here at Tom's, so be gentle!

I was wondering if someone would know something about the Chenbro Xpider (Gaming Bomb) case from yesterday's case review article. Do those ovals over the 5 1/4 drive bays get completely removed when optical drives are installed, or do they get applied in some way onto the front bezel of the drive to keep a clean look? This is kind of an important subject in order to make a decision about a purchase.

Also, one other thing. The case in the review shows that the front I/O connectors include IEEE, but I've seen some of these cases only have the USB and audio connectors. Does anyone know where they sell the proper boards that include IEEE in case I want to swap out an existing board that doesn't include IEEE? For that matter, where can these front I/O boards be purchased for other cases as well? My buddy has a case that just has a knock-out for IEEE and would really like to have a plug up front for easy access.

Thanks everyone! :)
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  1. The ovals come out, you get a black background to mount your black drive into.

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  2. <b>Stupid, STUPID questions!</b> Just kidding, I'm not sure exactly what you want in your 2nd question. If what you want is internal firewire headers, you can either buy a firewire card that has them or a Sound Blaster Audigy sound card which has them. The best bet is a newer board though.
  3. Yes, that is correct, I am not sure how well you can see it in the intro picture, but if you want to Email me directly I can send you a more detailed photo. It looks quite good if you ask me.
  4. Oh as for your second question, the 1394 will depend on the retailer selling the cases. Some have it and some don't, you might try several and ask them. I think the ones that I saw the other day over at had audio/usb/1394, I think.
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