Can we change the windows 7 professional 64 bit to 32bit

Dear all,

I have installed the Windows 7 64bit on my laptop. i have to change 64bit to 32bit. Is it possible to change the same.

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  1. no, you can't change to 32 bit.
    if you want to use 32 bit os, you will have to do a fresh install of the 32 bit os using the 32 bit installation disk. all the 64 bit data will be gone. 32 bit os cannot run 64 bit software. if you have 64 bit programs, you'll have to use 32 bit versions of them (if available).
    make sure you back up your important data beforehand.
    imo 64 bit os is better because it can run 32 bit software as well.
  2. Also, the 32 bit OS can only use up to 4 gig of ram. If you have more than 4 gig of memory, you need the 64 bit OS to utilize it all.
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