I Want to get the G1 but Dell says otherwise...

I have been reading all of the recent forum posts for about a week here. I have done some research on my own and realy want to get my hands on the asus g1 since i primarily play games but also deal in photoshop and other various programs. I mainly play CS:S so the graphics need to be good but not too good. I was planning on getting the asus g1 as soon as i could get my hands on it through the egg, but tonight, i just went on to dell's website and parted together a e1705. i knew that the e1505 could only have the x1400 but i did not know that the e1705 can get the 7900GS. while the 7900GS is only 256mb vs. the card in the g1 is 512mb.

if i configure the e1707 to have the
7900GS 256mb
80 gb 7200 rpm,
2 gb 667mhz,
sound blaster audigy,
9 cell battery,
and the cd/dvd burner,
it comes out to be $1,764.51 USD with some sort of a 13% coupon that is on the inspiron notebook.(i can get 6% more off of that price by ordering it through my university = 1,658.64 before shipping)

I was wondering your guys and gals input on which laptop would be the right choice.
ps. battery life doesnt matter to me but i would like to know an estimate on that dell.
thanks in advance
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  1. Get the Asus, you'll be a better person for it. Some might say, "man that guy is classy".
  2. Acer is also a good and reliable brand for laptops. And for gaming laptops i'd recommend Asus over dell.
  3. should i just wait untill the summer for dx10, or will those laptops be out of the $1800 price range. what games, if any are stated yet, will ONLY run on dx10 stuff?
  4. DX10 will also be able to run on dx9 hardware, but it is not reccomended.
    nvidia will come out with its low-end and mid-range DX10 GPUs in spring of 2007. It is possible that there will be mainstream DX10 mobile GPUs by this summer.
  5. so would you agree taht i should just pick up the g1 then. i think i will. it seems like a solid choice.
  6. mc_black: do you have a link to the asus g1 model you're referring to?
  7. i want to get it here http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16834220098
    but it is outta stock....
    zipzoom has it though.

    you suggest a different place, or what you wondering?
  8. I like almost everything about this except: 1) I was hoping for more than just 2 hours of battery life, 2) 7 pounds seems a bit heavy and 3) 5400 rpm hard drivers are slow.
  9. The 7900GS with less ram is tons faster than the 7700 with more ram. More pipes/vertex's in the 7900 = 3DMark06 of 3600 versus 2700... That ATIx1400 only does 790 :( CS:S will do fine though on either card.

    For as much as people gritch, Dell's service/support is a billion times better than Asus's non-existant support. The Asus is a better bargin and comes with a ton of good accessories like case, mouse, cables, etc..

    Toss a coin. They're both good machines. I'd do the Asus myself, but I'd miss the support security blanket just in case something goes bad...
  10. Asus Why I don't like dell. What other Laptops have you looked at?
  11. i looked at asus, hp, killernotebooks, alienware, cyberpowerpc, dell, sony, lenovo, and falconnothwwest (i think that is what it was called. not sure. expensive as hell tho) after weighing in the price point, and service & support, as well as the duribility, wow factor, battery life, screen, and others stuff.

    i just got done ordering the del e1705 jbecause i just could not pass the price. i ordered up a:
    c2d t7200
    7200 RPM HDD 80GB
    2GB ddr2
    7900 GS
    9 cell battery
    for around 1670. i just couldnt beath that setup anywhere that i looked at. i also ordered a skin off of dell.skinit.com to cover that baby up. we will see how it performs when it gets here.

    did i make the right decision? i not sure yet but hopfully.

    btw cfisherrktk, i flipped a quarter :lol:

    thanks guys. does anyone want me to benchmark it when i get it or no. i am pretty lazy so only if someone wants me to benchmark i will.
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