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Killer Notebooks for Business User?

Last response: in Laptops & Notebooks
January 3, 2007 4:17:52 AM

Hi, I am in the market for a new laptop as my toshiba satellite is 4 years old and maxed out at 512 ram. I train business objects products and this product suite has grown to about 2gig in size and has moved into graphics rich dashboard tool - sometimes using instructor machine as server would require 2 g of ram. Most payrolled consultants get the heavy Dell notebooks but having owned a desktop from them I'm a bit underwhelmed by customer service and bang for buck.

Since I'm paying for this out of pocket my budget is about 2k I ran a matrix of all the laptops I could think of and it appears the best candidates in this range comes from Killer Notebooks Zatoichi
or Eliminator, did I do my homework right?

Question is, I'm not a gamer, haven't played games since dos-based zork or adventure on my atari2600. Are these notebooks okay for day to day business? The proc/ram would certainly be more than adequate to run the bobj analytic engines and dashboard graphics, which are probably childs play compared to the games people are using these for, but what of wireless connectivity and battery life issues? I've typically used a netgear 100foot pc card in my toshiba and get adequate reception to a modem 50 feet away. Does an express card workd the same way? Whats 108 vs 54 mp mean? The battery on my toshiba from 2002 pretty much sucked, but I've just carried my power cord around with me for the last two years. I suppose 2-3 hours of battery life would be great. It appears that the MT AMD chip in the Eliminator is probably the best way to go from all I've read in the last couple weeks, but I guess thats a big subject of debate around here...any feedback welcomed.
January 3, 2007 11:43:19 PM

Saend Mark an email from his website. He will answers all your? about his laptops for your business needs.
January 4, 2007 1:15:16 PM

I ordered a Wakizachi from KN a couple of months ago, fully loaded. Fantastic laptop.

Easily handles multitasking, with the Core 2 Duo and 2Gb RAM. The display is bright and crisp (glossy screen really outshines my old Dell 8600). It's light enough not be a burden when hauling around a laptop case and suitcase when traveling, too.

I'm very pleased with the machine and how fast I can compile code with it, while burning CDs/DVDs, surfing the net, and running whatever else I want.

You could probably configure a Wakizachi with the T7200 (2.0 Ghz) and save some money. I splurged and went with the T7400 (2.16 Ghz) only because I wanted the throughput of the 4Mb cache per processor. You could also save a few bucks with the standard display, instead of the highest resolution option.

But, by all means, get a HD that's 7200rpm. Talk about a real bottleneck (in any system), stay away from 5400rpm drives and you'll recognize some performance gains there, for sure...
January 4, 2007 2:58:20 PM

Not like my Compaq that has a 4200 HD. Slowwwwwwwwwwww