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I'm looking to get a new case but I find I am overwhelmed by the selection out there. I'm looking for one with two external 3.5" bays, front usb and firewire ports, and (obviously) good airflow. I'm hoping to only spend about $100 with power supply (I'm thinking about a Fortron FSP350, any thoughts?). Can anybody recommend one?
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  1. I just bought an Antec Sonata Case. As far as the case goes I love it. All aluminum, built sturdy, cool black color, 3 front 5.25 bays, 2 floppy bays, and 5 internal drive bays. It's got a huge 120mm fan in the back that sometimes I think it's going to take off like a helicopter.
    This came with a 380w power supplly for about 120 delivered off newegg.
  2. I just reviewed 16 more -

    We also have the previous case reviews as well -

    Spring 2003 Case Review -

    15 Cases For Review -

    By my count that is almost 55 cases to choose from.

    We will have another review in the fall, my guess that it will be in the late OCT time frame.
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