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What are my options? I'm looking for good gaming performance, but good battery life, screen size in the range of 14-15 inches, widescreen hopefully. I've looked at the Killer Notebook Wakazachi and Kodachi, and they both look good, but I'm just looking for more options. I've looked at ABS, but it doesn't look like you can get core 2 duo for under $2000.
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  1. My suggestion, search all of the online retailers, like newegg and zipzoomfly, that you can. If you can find , I would recommend getting the Asus G1. But like I said, they are hard to find.

    on second thought, I just found it:
    Asus G1
    as of this post it's in stock
    It would be my choice if I needed a lappy.
  2. the g1 just came in stock today at that link there. i suspect it will go very quick tho. the g1 is one of the best 15" gaming notebooks on the market.
  3. Quote:
    What are my options? I'm looking for good gaming performance, but good battery life, screen size in the range of 14-15 inches, widescreen hopefully. I've looked at the Killer Notebook Wakazachi and Kodachi, and they both look good, but I'm just looking for more options. I've looked at ABS, but it doesn't look like you can get core 2 duo for under $2000.
    Options galore! 2000 can get you a great notebook. The Wakazachi (Asus z92t) and Kodachi(compal hgl30) are available from many places online. They're two great options. If you like the Compal also look at the 15.4" version..the compal hel80. It offers the option of a matte screen if that's a concern. You can also aquire a 6 cell battery if the 9 cell sticking out 3/4 of an inch bothers you. It will strip over an hour off the run time, but it's an option. The asus G1 can be found from many sources again.. Newegg when it's in stock ( they also have the G2 17" version) or places like XoticPC
    I would say the G1 is the best maxed out deal on the net. If spec wise you're going for just plain gaming power, Dell's 1705 with a 7900GS is the best you'll get for your dollar, just not the best in looks or quality(but it's 17" also). The 7900gs gets something like 4k in 3dmark06 which is approaching double the bench of the G1. Still.. that G1 has real gaming looks. It's purely preference. If you're interested in saving a few bucks.. the Asus A8JP is on fire at 1299. It lacks 2 gigs of ram, but is almost a steal at that price if you can find it in stock at NewEgg
    There are so many options for 2000. The best you'll see from a 15.4" or 14" laptop is the go7700 available from Asus. go7600 is only a hair slower . You should have no problem staying in budget unless you jump to the 17" class where all bets are off

    lots of options there, SLI machines etc
  5. Be careful with the machines from pro-star. They entice you with what looks like a really good/powerful notebook and then pull an Alienware and start all customization with bare minimum configurations. All the while still charging you a premium.

    For example, the pro star 5724-1A, they want 1900 USD for an out of date 7800 and only give you 512 mb of ram.

    In my opinion go with either KN,start you off with a lot in terms of features while not charging premiums, or go with the Asus G1 if you can find it.
  6. Ok the $1900 you talked about is at

    It has a 7800 gtx with 256 mb and 512 system ram, upgrade to 1 g for $70. Do be warry of the completely custo builds, pick and add from one of theirs. I've had 2 of their laptops and been very happy, a P600 with a sweet 8Mb video back in the day when a real video card didn't exist on a laptop, and now a P4 3.2 with a 256 mb Ati 9700, which would be amazing if Ati didnt suck the royal dong for driver support.
  7. Quote:
    Be careful with the machines from pro-star. They entice you with what looks like a really good/powerful notebook and then pull an Alienware and start all customization with bare minimum configurations. All the while still charging you a premium.

    For example, the pro star 5724-1A, they want 1900 USD for an out of date 7800 and only give you 512 mb of ram.

    In my opinion go with either KN,start you off with a lot in terms of features while not charging premiums, or go with the Asus G1 if you can find it.

    First off, Pro-star (sagers sister company) gets their laptops from Clevo, so this is a Clevo 570u.. already mentioned..
    Second, That's a 17 inch laptop which is out side the request, but duly noted
    Third.. it's not a bad price considering the 7800gtx will kick some major butt, 70 dollars for ram is hardly a rip off
    Forth - While KN may offer better service and piece of mind.. KN gets his laptops from Pro-star. I'm not saying one is indicative of another, just know where your apples come from.
    Five.. The poster above me is right.. don't fear custom retailers. Inform yourself and they will fear you instead.
  8. Hey, no offense taken. It was just how I felt about their pricing. I also had no idea they were a sister to sager, which changes my opinion on them. Looking further into them, I may consider one of their laptops when I get one for college.

    For Blackhawk's 15 inch range this prostar
    looks pretty good.
  9. Ya, I didn't know either about sager and prostar, until recently. I guess it was obvious everyone was getting the same stuff, looks wise, but the parts number sometimes caused confusion. KN corrected me a couple times before I understood what was up with all the resellers. And... that's not to say I know much even still. Every retailer is different in how they actually do business. I would say that a place like prostar or sager is more focused in..forwarding goods to other retailers than customers, so their pricing isn't quite as competetive, and their service has taken some criticism. Buying from another tear down the line can actually improve chances for a good experience.
  10. I am going to let you guys in on a little secret of the industry, pretty much like the "sister company" knowledge that I educated the person who more than likely told Jimmy. This isn't some, "This person doesn't know anything.", because I have learned that in this industry there are alot of assumptions made, that aren't always correct. Until you get into it, and uncover these things, NOT MANY PEOPLE DO KNOW the inner workings of the beast. My writing style at times can be interpreted as advesarial or agressive, so I am going to preface this post with the statement, I am no trying to say this person or that person is bad, or wrong or not knowledgable. I am simply going to try to impart the things I myself personally know.

    You DO NOT want to deal with a distributor as a one-off small purchaser.
    You can think you are going to get these great deals and save a few bucks, but just consider this.
    I put together an Assassin X2 for review. This is an expensive machine.
    In installing the software I found a "weak pixel", it wasn't dead, but it was not 100%. That machine went back no questions asked. Unfortunately "saving a buck" doesn't give you the purchasing power that would allow you yourself to do something like that.

    Where do you think that machine will go? I'll speculate that gets marked to NOT send out to anyone who upgrades to the $250 "dead pixel warranty" from one of these distributors, but it may be a "tough luck" situation. Once you start to add the extra pprotection the "attractive price" starts to fade away. Not only that, these "dead pixel guarantees" everyone else is offering, in most cases is 4-7 DEAD pixels and a certain number have to be "in the field" of the screen. Not what you would probably assume with a "dead pixel" policy. Check the wording and make sure you are getting what you think you are.

    You look at support, I'll tell you what the support is with these distributors, it's a simple formula.
    1. Do a virus scan. 2. Reinstall Windows, that should fix it. 3. It's "other" software, not our problem.
    Now that's when you can contact them.

    I built an OEM install of Windows for the Executioner, the benefit being the drivers would install with the OS should you need to reinstall it (clutch if you have a RAID setup because it has the RAID driver built in-F6 floppy stuff). Then common programs like Acrobat 8, Open Office, things like that would automaticaly install on the first log in to Windows without having to download them or whatever. This was like "amazing" to a second tier distributor. I am not kidding. What do youthink their level of support knowledge is?

    To buy from a reseller "down the line" instead of a distributor is generally good advice. In this industry though, the reseller is NOT building the machine, so there is little "extra benefit" added by going with them. Sad but true, the system you are buying from a reseller is still being built & shipped by the distributor. Components are all "cheapest is best", and "whatever we can get our hands on". They may have better pricing, because I agree with Jimmy's comments that distributors are interested in "distributing", and want their resellers to do all the work, but at the end of the day Peter got robbed to pay Paul.

    Looking for a deal is a great thing almost all the time. That is until you are spending 3 grand on your gaming notebook and want the best. Then I would say that like all good things, "You get what you pay for." Many, many people have argued up and down that, "These are all the same systems." and, "All resellers are alike, offering the same thing." They are not. I can speak of my company because I of course have intimate knowledge of it. K|N is NOT a Sager, it is NOT Pro-Star, and you can't getthe K|N quality components, quality construction, superior support let alone the mod's and tweaks from these other guys, be they distributor, reseller or not. That said, whoever you go with, make sure that you are getting what you pay for.

    So after I read this post I realized not everyone reading it will know who I am or maybe have never even heard of KillerNotebooks. To just give a little background so you can judge for yourself if the things I say are coming from experience, or just the ramblings of another internet forum hammerhead; we are about the only company actually building their own notebooks (the only one I know of).
    I know for a fact we are the only company modifying notebooks and actually improving them. This is something that really sets us apart, and does make a big difference. You can see that in this independent review TechWareLabs review.
    We all know that heat is a computers worst nightmare. Heat deteriorates the useful life of computer systems. Overheating is your computer's biggest enemy; too much heat can fry its delicate circuitry and chips and send you shopping for a brand new system. Just as you need to keep your car engine cool to prevent damage, you must do the same for the delicate mechanisms beneath the hood of your PC. This unfortunately is very tough to do when you are speaking of a notebook computer, as space is very limited and being able to acquire such diverse items to help aid in dissipating heat can be quite daunting.

    The people at KillerNotebooks have really done a fantastic job in providing you with this solution, so that you only have to be concerned with providing adequate airflow, keeping your notebook out of direct sunlight, and at least once a month cleaning the fans and cooling grills with compressed air to push out any sucked in lint or hair that could pose a problem to their cooling solution for such a high-end notebook. They provided whatever was necessary to keep the Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and the Nvidia 7950 GTX Video GPU quite cool.

    Easily seen above are the vast amounts of 100% copper finned heatsinks placed to provide more surface area for the heat to be drawn into. Underneath this array of copper heatsinks they have also gone out of their way to remove all traces of thermal tape and after lapping the interface surfaces, they added Arctic Silver 5 to provide the best heat transfer possible, thus increasing the life of your KillerNotebook. I was very impressed with the work they have done here and that contributed to this very fast systems cool temperature numbers and general temperature 'feel'. The Executioner maintained a 32 deg. C temperature, while the office maintained a 26 deg. C ambient temperature during normal average use. While playing games such as Battlefield2142 (First Person Shooter) and LockOn Flaming Cliffs (Graphic Intensive Flight Simulator), with all of the graphics turned to max and also while setting the Nvidia 7950 GTX to use 8xS Antialiasing and 16x Anisotropic Filtering settings, the Executioner performed like a champ. Average temperatures recorded with MobMeter during actual gaming ranged from 46 deg C to 51 deg C. Let me state that this is quite cool for a high-end gaming laptop, especially one that houses the Nvidia 7950 GTX wtih 512MB of ram on it.
    Battlefield 2142 is graphically very intensive and requires a good video card and sub system to play at medium to high settings without overheating the system or causing stutter and unplayable framerates and that would be the requirements for a desktop system to play the game. Notebooks are generally less powerful than their larger sibling the desktop and as such do not usually play graphically intensive games as well. The Executioner breaks the trend and delivered amazing results.

    Gameplay in Battlefield 2142 was ultra smooth as even with the highest settings and running a resolution of 1600x1200 with 4x Antialiasing in the game menu (max) while having the Nvidia 7950 GTX using 8xS Antialiasing and 16x Anisotropic Filtering the Executioner provided 33-35 frames per second on average. This is amazing as we had everything maxed out graphic wise.

    I would also like to add that Tom's Hardware Forums is one of the very few places you can actually find people with vast amounts of real-world experience trying to help forum members. Other forums and review sites are too blinded by the quest for advertising dollars and, "What can you do for us." to have the foresight to know that it is their members that are the key, and a more knowledgeable member of your community is good for everyone.
  11. Hey, KN, just wanted to say, I totally agree with you on many points., Maybe I wasn't clear when I said.. You got your books from Pro-star, but that's not necessarily equal.. What i meant was you can't compare pro-star to KillerNotebooks despite that being your supplier. Also, that information i shared was in a public forum where it was posted during the debate of buying from a "middleman", but I don't have the link,'s here in THG somewhere..No one "leaked" information if it's public. HoweverAnyways, as you said, nothing is equal in the industry and i've learned only small pieces of the puzzle because nothing here is black and white. The only point I'd disagree with you is that someone can't get KN quality components elsewhere. With the exception of your custom heat sink, the standard parts are available to anyone. But they will not achieve the build quality with out a considerable amount of work and tweaking that makes your Notebooks have a competitive advantage. And Also,.. THG isn't the best source for info on notebooks IMO(Desktops are a different story) Not because of the people mind you, but because THG has no focus on it. They have two forums, one which is more geared to tech support.. and notebookforums are FAR ahead of THG.. in this arena
  12. Thanks for the link. Nice writeup on your Laptop.
  13. For under 2000, I agree, go with the Asus G1, you can find some really good deals out there, 1800 with 2 gigs of ram still, 7700.

    But you want a gaming laptop that will last you a few years? Not possible with 15 inch screen. If you want the 7800 GTX, 7900, 7950, x1900, you're gonna have to get a 17" screen. Heating is a problem for these.

    For a 17", I'm still looking also. RKcomputer seems to be reasonable imo, and gateway's nx680xl seems best deal, and then dell's 9400.

    Looking for laptop with a ATI card, that can compete with the 7900, x1600 just doesn't cut it and x1700 still blows.
  14. Try the X1900.
  15. Much appreciated if you can find a laptop with the x1900, be really awsome!

    Only one I read about so far is some fujitsu-siemens, over in europe, cost to ship here, not worth it...

    Alienware, yeah, way out of the price range, ridiculously overpriced imo
  16. Whats your price range for a new lappy?
  17. I am looking for the same as the op. And this is an option I found. Got no idea how good and reliable Benq in notebook market is though..

    Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T5500 2*1.66
    WXGA 16ms LC-Display, 180 cd/m² und einem Kontrast von 400:1
    NVIDIA® GeForce® Go 7400 256MB (128MB + 128MB shared TurboCache)
    100GB S-ATA Festplatte mit 5400 rpm
    1 Gigabyte RAM

    And it is for 1000 Euro, around 1300$

    Another option is Fujitsu Siemens:

    AMD Turion™ 64 X2 TL-50
    2x 1,6 GHz
    Cache 256KB x2
    2048 MB DDR2 SDRAM PC 4200 (533 MHz)
    NVIDIA® GeForce® Go 7400 with 128 MB DDR2 Videomemory and until 512 MB with TurboCache

    This is 100$ cheaper.

    Which one would you suggest me?
    ASUS G1 is impressive but it is 2200$ :-(
  18. Are those 15.4"?
  19. Best priced laptops I could find on the web are on Sager. They build rock solid laptops.

    Here's the one I'm thinking of buying for college:

    Add to that 320 gig (7200 rpm) hard drive and XP and I'm at $1400.

    You've got around $2000 to play with so any other mods (which isn't totally necessary) you should be good on any laptop you get from there.

    Pro-star has the same laptops as Sager but I prefer the Sagers to the Pro-star for some odd reason. :)
  20. Thread is 2 years old..

  21. Intel Core i7-2630QM
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570M discrete graphics (DDR5 1.5GB VRAM)
    1TB hard drive
    12GB DDR3 memory
    USB 3.0
    HDMI Port

    ( Only $1,559 )

  22. gamer25 said:
    Only four years too late.
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