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I got Nero cd burning software with my LG 32X writer.

Most of my data files and folders names are more than 100 Characters in length since Windows allows upto 255 Chracters long file names.

Problem is now I can’t burn these files with Nero because they have long file names. There are literally thousands of files that I have named of more than 100 characters long and I can not change them now.

Also I would like to continue naming my files with long file names because than I can spot the exact information I am looking for very easily.

Does anybody know a software that can burn really long file names preferably 128 characters or longer?

I would really appreciate the name and URL for such a software.

Thank You,
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  1. Why not? Nero allows long filename that's more than 255 characters.
  2. Hi,

    I am glad to hear that Nero does the Job.

    Now I am no computer wiz and I need a step by step instructions with the correct settings in Nero to achieve this.

    Would you be kind enough to show me how to write Files with as long a file name as 255 characters that you mentioned?

    Kind Regards,
  3. Under the ISO tab of New Compilation window, select the boxes "ISO level 2" and "Allow more than 255 characters in path". BTW, my Nero version is
  4. Hi elzt,

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    I tried your settings and it still doesn’t work. Just to make sure I tried the following settings.

    ISO Level =2

    Both boxes at the bottom checked to allow more than 255 characters and 8 directories.

    I unchecked the Joliet box. With it checked it gave me errors for long file names.

    At top left of dialog box I checked Mode = 1

    Middle 3 buttons for character set, I had to choose one so I chose ISO 9660

    By the way I have Nero version 5. 5. 7. 8 which has the choices you mentioned so that should not be a problem.

    I guess the only thing I can ask you is on that dialog box if you would put the parameters you think would burn 255 characters file and folder names and try to burn one cd and see if you are able to burn it.

    I have asked several people and no one seems to know the answer because I guess hardly any one gives files, the names as long as I do.

    Well this has really become a challenge.

    See if you can crack it.

    Please let me know,

    Thank You
  5. maybe the error that you are having is something else. Like directory depth or an old version of nero. You can upgrade to the high 5.x version for free.

    Supporting AMD with your breakable stuff.
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