Missing Files and Folders in Windows 7

i have been using windows xp and now started windows 7.
I am missing Files and Folder Task where in i could copy, paste, email this file
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  1. be more specific.
  2. If it is a hidden file, you wouldn't see it unless you specify that under folder options.

    If you can explain a little more what is happening, we would be able to help you a lot more.
  3. He means the Files and Folders Taskbar from the left side of Windows XP when you click a file within a folder. I'm looking for a way to get this taskbar back on my stepmother's windows 7 machine. Unfortunately she only needs the "Email this file" button. Any help getting this onto Windows 7 would be greatly appreciated.

    As for the original post, Try out this link: http://www.w7forums.com/move-folder-t2189.html it should give you at least some of the functionality you are looking for
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