S-ata on GA-8knxp

Looking for some friendly advice re: s-ata installation on Gigabyte ga-8knxp.

I can't get the BIOS to recognize the s-ata drive and 2 cd drives at the same time. Help! Help ! Help !!

Any advice or links would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for you kind replies.

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  1. I assume you're talking about getting a SATA drive to work via the ICH5R controller when devices are connected to both IDE1 & 2?

    My experiance has been that with 1 SATA drive (Raid 0 might be different but I don't have one so I don't know) you have to set SATA On-Chip to 'Auto' which will remap the SATA drive to an 'empty' IDE controller on the ICH5R. So if you have both IDE1 & 2 populated you're SOL. The chip seems to need to sacrafice an IDE channel to run the SATA drive (non-raid 0) connected to ICH5R.

    If you moved your IDE devices to Master/Slave on IDE1 you could boot the drive but that's less than an ideal situation if you want them both to be Masters. I just got tired of messing with mine and moved the SATA drive to boot off the Silicon Image 3112 SATA controller. Move the drive from 'SATA0_SB' to 'SATA0_Sil' and change the SCSI/RAID boot order so that the Sil controller is first.

    I'm still looking for a post from someone that has more know how and experiance with this board to post info clarifying the boot device capabilities of this board/chip (ICH5R). Like can you boot Raid 0 off it without sacraficing an IDE channel? *sigh* I guess I'm too lazy. ;) I should go dig through Intel's info and see if I can find out for myself.

    Other than the ICH5R boot thingy this board is nice. No troubles worth mentioning and works great with more features than I'll probably ever use even with future expansions. :)

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  2. Re: IDE1 & 2 populated with CD-Drives as Masters & S-ata drive in Sata0 ICH5R.

    Yeah that was exactly my problem! When I manually set S-ATA0 to "IDE Master" I got it to recognize the s-ata drive and was able to boot, but then I couldn't use both drives unless I set them up as master and slave off IDE2.

    I also tried to set one CD as a master on IDE3, but it didn't recognize the drive there either and I got sick of messing with it!

    Right now I've manually set the S-ATA0 to "IDE Master" and I have the 2 cd drives as master/slave on IDE2. I'm not happy with this set up, but I can't get anything else to work.

    Also with this set-up, though it does eventually boot into a windows O/S I installed.... the start up process is whacked! First it goes through the different S-ata chips scanning for IDE drives. It doesn't find any. It gives me lots of opportunities to cntrl-g, cntrl-s, cntrl-i. Then it eventually boots into windows.

    * * *

    Thanks for your help LaughnCynic!

    So you're saying can connect 1 s-ata drive to S-ata0_Sil and have the 2 CD-drives, both as masters, at IDE1&IDE2?

    With this set-up, how did you configure the S-ata under the BIOS Peripherals set-up? "auto"? "IDE Master"? "S-ata0"?

    Also, does your system boot up through the "normal" booting process, or does it do that long, slow "scanning for ide drive" process that mine is currently doing?

    * *
    Thanks for any help!
  3. Well basically you have 3 device controllers on this board to choose from. The Intel chipset southbridge (ICH5R controlling IDE1 & 2,SATA0_SB & SATA1_SB), Silcon Image 3112 (controlling SATA0_Sil & SATA1_Sil), ITE Gigaraid ATA133 (controlling IDE3 & 4). I still haven't gone and looked up info on how the ICH5R works (ie if it always needs to sacrafice an IDE channel to use one of the SATA's with or without the use of Raid 0).

    To boot the SATA drive off the Silicon Image controller just connect the drive to SATA0_Sil. IN BIOS under Advanced BIOS Features there's an option called 'SCSI/RAID Boot Order' hit enter there to get a dialog to choose the order in which it scans your 3 drive controllers for boot drives. Move the Silicon Image controller to #1 then exit that dialog. Next set the boot device seek order (ie floppy, cdrom, drive) and use 'SCSI' as the entry for your hard drive. Move on to the Integrated Peripherals screen and set 'On-Chip SATA' to 'Manual' with 'SATA Port0 Configure as' set to 'SATA Port0' (you're not using this controller but just to be sure you're making sure it's not going to try and use IDE1 & 2 with the 'Auto' setting). Turn off 'SATA RAID Function' too since you're not using it on the ICH5R. You could set 'On-Chip SATA' to 'Disable' or go back and do that after you get things up and running. I left it at manual just to be sure drivers got installed for it's access to keep my options open for later on.

    Move down to 'Onboard H/W SATA' (the Silicon Image controller) and set it to 'Enabled' then set 'Serial ATA Function' to 'Base' (since you're not using Raid). This allows the Sil controller to see 1 or 2 separate drives without the Raid setup etc.

    Next is 'Onboard H/W GigaRAID' which you can disable since you're not using it. That would do away with one of the Boot drive seeking delays. I left mine enabled just so I could install the drivers for it during OS installation so they'd be there if I need them. I did turn off it's Raid support by setting 'GigaRAID Function' to 'ATA'

    That should get you booting your SATA drive from the Sil controller. You'll have to copy the drivers for the Sil controller off the motherboard cd and onto a floppy for OS installation (F6 with W2K/XP at initial screen during install). There are 2 drivers one for RAID and one for 'base' drive access (Sil3112r and Sil3112 respectively I think).

    There's a couple settings that turn off the Gigabyte and Intel BIOS splash thingys too but I forget what menu they're under.

    I wish someone more knowledgeable than I am would comment here but that should get you going and booting SATA off your 2nd controller and let you have your 2 optical drives as masters on IDE1 & 2 without conflict.

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  4. Thank you very much for the detailed reply, LaughinCynic. That should be a big help. I'll try and re-install everything tonight:)
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