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A friend is looking at a new laptop. It's a Gateway but I don't know which model.

What's the general consensus on Gateway laptops?

They'll be using it for email, surfing the web, writing docs but probably no gaming.
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  1. Get a Core 2 Duo or AMD X2, 1 gig RAM, low end dedicated video (7300 etc).
  2. I have a Compaq V2000 that I bought July 05. That will do what he wants to do. So the Gateway should be fine.
  3. If your budget is $800 I would recommend a DELL with coupons to get the most system you can.

    Inspiron Notebooks
    These offers are not available on any other system, and can not be combinable with other dollars off, percentage off or mail-in rebate offers. Online coupons not valid on the XPS series notebooks. Only one coupon may be applied per cart at checkout. Note: These coupons override Dell's instant savings discounts.

    20% off $999+ - Dell Coupon 8JVC1R9N6V8VC9
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  4. I dunno, but unless someone is some of the forums I've registered at can suggest a better deal, I'll be getting a Gateway also.

    core 2 duo 7200, Gforce 7900 gs, 2 gig of 5400 ddr2, 80 gig 7200 HDD,
    Windows XP Pro (vista upgrade), extra battery, backpack, all for under 2k.

    On there website they have a java instant messenging feature. I signed on, a rep logged on few seconds later. And she answered all my questions promptly and was helpful. The deal above also includes their 3 year tech support and 3 year accidental.

    I don't know anyone that has a gateway, so if anyone can say something about them, be nice before I order this, (saved the quote ^^)
  5. hi,
    only comment i have is that some gateways are non-expandable to 4 gig.
    too bad.
  6. That a 15.4 or 17"?
  7. The gateway? It's a 17''. It actually looks pretty nice. I don't know how it performs though.
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