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As I look for a new laptop, how do newer non-MacBook laptop screens compare? For example, are the widescreen glossys that Dell laptops provide just as nice as the MacBooks?
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  1. I know that macbooks rate very high in view quality. I personally have not seen one so a comparison would be useless. I have seen a Dell Inspiron with the 17'' WUXGA 1920X1200 screen with true life and it is amazing. All though it tends to be a bit reflective. I think it depends mostly on the environment you are going to use you laptop in.

    Look for a laptop with a SXGA or UXGA screen with truelife or brightview or what ever the company wants to call their glossy set up. These will tend to look better and have higher resolutions.
  2. Mac's were made, at least in part by ASUS. I believe ASUS still makes their screens.

    The best screen IMHO are from Samsung, that is what is in the Executioner. The Toshiba Quasimo series uses a dual lamp LCD that is extremely bright BUT does eat up the battery something fierce.
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