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Hello !
I have in mind to buy this notebook ( Acer Aspire 5671 AWLMI)
It is using : Intel Core Duo T2300 1.66 Ghz , 1GB DDR2 RAM , 120GB Seagate S-ATA , ATI X1600 128 ddr2 + HM , CrystalBrite Display 15.4'' 16ms,
DVD Super Multi ....
As I understood the laptop is using i945 chipset , so it is possible to update to Core 2 Duo T7*** in the future ?
I would like to know what do you think of this computer and if someone have this model , would he share with me his opinion about it ? :)
Thank you !

P.S.Excuse me for my bad english.I hope you understand each word I wrote ;)
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  1. Probably, but not worth the $.

    You'd have to buy another copy of windows and drop $300+ on the cpu.

    What country are u in?
  2. Why should I buy another copy of Win ? It comes with XP Home.You mean if I change the CPU ?

    The Price in Bulgaria (the newest country in EU ;) ) is about 1100E or 1350-1400 $.It comes with 1 year warranty and 70-80E for 2 years more.
  3. Thats hogwash, you don't need a new copy of Windows. I've upgraded an Intel Celeron laptop, to a C2D.
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