Boot Manager problem?

Okay so in my system I have 6 total drives. (4 SSD's 2 HDD's)

2 of the SSD's are used primarily for swapping data between computers. 1 is for my OS, and the last is for my games.

The problem I've run into now is that it seems Boot Manager wasn't put on my OS drive, but rather one of the SSD's.

I've deduced this because A) Where I used to be able to remove either of my two swappable drives from my system while it was on (And conversely return them to it and regain access to files and folders.) I now cannot.

If I remove one everything works fine. If I remove the second I get a BSOD, and am forced to restart.

Upon restart windows tells me that it cannot locate bootmngr (I might be off on the phrasing/spelling/etc.)

Unless I return my second SSD to the comp, it just wont restart.

I think it might be that windows installed boot manager onto the drive... Unfortunately I need to know a few things to remedy it.

#1 Does this in fact indicate Windows installed boot manager onto the other drive?

#2 How would I move it if this is the case?

Any help would be great.

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  1. I've still got problems with this... Does no one have any help/answers? =S
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