Windows Vista and Laptops.

This is kinda odd. They did not post Vista on here as a sticky. Here what Posted on other forums

Ultimately, we'll need sub-forums/topic areas. Any suggestions?

Examples: General Discussion, Configuration/Tweaks, Driver Issues, Security Issues, Upgrade Problems, Other Issues, etc. etc. - post them here. We'll build this thing well if you guys participate.
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  1. My suggestion would be a tread for vista and laptops on Windows Vista or one on here.

    Problems like Battery life listed here,128252/article.html

    People might ask why is Vista a battery life hog. With me I am buying a 160gb hard disk and partion it into 3 drives one with windows xp pro and one with vista and one for files. So I can save battery life.

    Or info like this

    It is about vista premium. Requireing Hybred hard drives in June 2007

    There could be other problems that desktop users might not have to deal with that laptop users have to deal with.

    I am a laptop user. There could be other areas that desktops dont have to worrie about.

    mobile internet. Things Coffee shops like Starbucks, Truck stops like Flying J, buissnessmen and Airlines. I am not talking about USA. I am talking about around the world connection.

    This is stuff desktop users dont have to worrie about. Unless they lug there desktops as laptops and use them on the road. Haha.

    I am posting stuff like this so laptop users can view and understand if Windows vista right or Not for them.
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