Please help me troubleshoot- jerky mouse makes system almost unusable

hello all... i have a win7 64 bit machine.

all has been well until about 2 weeks ago. my mouse seems to halt for a second or two every 4 or 5 seconds. it makes doing anything almost impossible. it is a wireless logitech mouse that is fully charged. i have tried a second (also wireless) mouse and have the same problem so i don't think its the mouse itself

i get the feeling that maybe something is running and tying up the system... i've tried shutting down most running problems in the system tray but hasn't helped

i don't really know how to find the source of the problem.. in the past two weeks, i have run a couple of virus checks, which didn't turn anything up. i've also updated java (it alerted me to an update) and otherwise can't think of anything that might be related to the problem.. also i do recall that windows had an update as well. now that i think of it there was also a firefox update that i installed

i don't expect anyone to know the exact answer but can you tell me what you'd do to try to find the source of the problem?

EDIT sorry forgot something fairly major. i was out of town a couple of days, and got a call from the wife who said the computer wouldn't boot up. she mentiioned there was a 'dos' screen but she cuoldn't really describe what she was seeing, just that it was definitely not windows. over the phone, all i could advise was to hit the 'reboot' button on the tower, after which it booted up fine. this was definitely out of the ordinary but i've been home a few days and this hasn't happened again. could it suggest a hard drive problem?
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  1. You can try plugging the mouse into a different usb port in case the port itself is faulty. If that doesn't work, if you have a wired mouse, try with that, just in case something is conflicting with the wireless signal.
  2. How far is it between the mouse, and the receiver for the mouse. I use a wireless mouse, and I put an extension cable on the receiver(usb ) and it sits at the base of my monitor. If I plug in the receiver directly to the usb port of my system, several feet away from my mouse, I have issues like you are having.
  3. i will bring my wired mouse home from work today and try. if that works i assume its a mouse problem. if that doesn't work maybe its not
  4. ok it might be a mouse problem... other mouses seem to be working better, with a bit of jerking, but nothing like the fairly regular 'every 5 seconds pause for 1 or 2 seconds' of my mx revolution mouse

    i've washed my mouse pad, and cleaned the lens with rubbing alcohol but seems to make no difference... batteries are fully charged. updated logitech setpoint software but again no diff.

    any suggestions?
  5. ok sorry to be a pain but while my one mouse is working better than the other, i see its a bigger problem. i can no longer watch video- its also incredibly jerky. i've been watching the same videos for years, and now they are jerky! there must be something wrong with my system... like somethings constantly being processed and tying up system resources... any thoughts on how to determine what this is?
  6. Open windows task manager when you next try it and see what is using the most resources, i.e. memory. Also, as ss202sl says, where have you got your mouses' wireless reciever, is it close to your mouse pad or plugged into your pc in one of the back panel usb ports?
  7. The issue you have sounds like a faulty video driver/card.

    Try using a wired mouse if you have one. If you still have the jerky problem then update\Rollback your video driver.

    Would explain the blue screen\dos screen and the video playback issue.
  8. hi guys thanks for all the suggestions. here's a few things i've tried

    1. moved the reciever to various locations and various ports, including using an extension cable to bring it inches from the mouse. no diff
    2. updated mouse software but no difference.
    3. an running a couple virus checks, spyware, registry cleaners, its overdue anyway
    4. going to update my video drivers. i usually hate doing this as it tends to always cause me problems (ati sucks) however i think its worth trying. will continue to report back
    5. have tried watching the task manager resource monitor, but don't see anything weird. there is an item called 'system idle process' which seems to be 'using' about 80% or more of my resources, but i think that's really just a placeholder to say how much is free? if so it seems like lots of memory is free but i suppose i could be misinterpreting

    i'm pretty convinced its not just a mouse problem... as other mice work far better but still do glitch, just not as often. also my movie playback is sometimes smooth, and sometimes nighmarishly choppy.

    if this updated info gives anyone some thoughts, please let me know!
  9. Re #5 System idle refers to how much of your processing power is free, i.e. when it reads 80% it means that 80% of your processor is available to be used by the pc. Like on my pc, right now while answereing this, I have this page open, and a dvd playing and my 'System Idle Process' is bouncing between 98% & 99% meaning my pc is hardly working at all. The other thing worth looking at is 'Physical Memory'

    Edit: It just dropped to 91% for a couple of minutes, and my wmplayer.exe climbed to 7 and audiodg.exe climbed to 3 but system idle is now back up to 99. This happens constantly as the pc fills it's 'buffer?' (I think thats the right bit)
  10. bump for help?
  11. after trying a zillion things, i just flashed my mobo. things seem to be working very well now, not a single lag in 30 minutes! (as opposed to every 4 or 5 seconds)

    super happy!
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