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How can I load the netware services to access my netware server6.5 in my windows 7 professional workstation?. The workstation is connected to my windows 2003 domain already
can somebody help
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  1. What SP are you running on your netware server?
    You may need to update to support pack 8b.

    Or is your issue not an iPrint issue?
  2. Hi,
    Thank you for the reply. I am using SP 7.0 in my netware 6.5 server. But I need to run netware service client in my Windows 7 workstation to share and map resources from the netware server. We had client services for Novell netware in windowsXp. Could you throw some light on this please. I do not have an issue with iprint
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    As far as why they aren't included in Windows anymore, I would say because of the infamous "Decline of Novell". To be honest, I haven't seen Novell being used much.
    I guess I was wee lad when it was in it's hay-day.

    After installing the client services, reboot your computer, and check your services to make sure the service is running and installed in the connection properties . If you have anymore problems let me know and I'll do what I can to help.
  4. Hi Scott,
    Greetings of the day.Thank you for the guidance. Yes, this link provides me with the latest Novell clientfor Windows 7. But this will connect me first to Novell server and from this I have to try and access the Windows domain resources which is not suitable for us. We are now authenticating first in windows domain and then share novell resources through the Netware client services in windowsXP Pro workstations. If Microsoft is unable to provide this client services due to the reasons then I have to look for some other alternative.
    I appreciate your help and thanking you again,
    Best regards,
    Manoharan K
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  6. who can help me? ihave windows 2003 server, configured for File & Print, DNS and Domain Controller, when i try to join windows xp it does join, however when i try to connect with windows 7 Professional, it does, what could be the problem?
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