Computer Freezes and Crashes...

Okay! I Fixed my Registry deletion Problem...
But, Now I need help! uqh.. Now my computer is crashing , and Freezing... I had the problem before.
But.. Its much worse. Is it anyway i can fix This problem? ... With Command Promt ... uhh Deleting from the registry ( Now I'll pay much attention) Or Anything?? Free software? For my College I did a paper... like, 6 pages... me thinking my computer is fine. Then Boom It Crashed. :heink: I am very angry .. Help . help help!? :bounce:
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  1. Sounds like you really need to re-install you OS.
  2. if you edited the registry and caused issues, the only way is putting those entries back in, to get it back to normal. You could try a repair from the windows dvd, but not sure if it'll help
  3. Yeah I agree try re-installing the OS.
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