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I have a Celeron 850MHz, with Asus CUSI-FX motherboard, 128MB, HD 15GB, Windows Millenium with Office SB 2000 and HP Deskjet 640C.
When I print a Word document, all the other functions become slow, for example, Media player with Audio CD stop playing sometimes.
Is there any Windows or printer configuration that can solve this problem ?

Thanks in advance
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  1. i think u need to turn on printer spooling or something like that. basically it sends all the info to the printer at once instead of sending it as the printer needs it. i think ull right click on the printer icon under settings - printers. look thru the options for spooling. i think this is correct. if im wrong someone please correct me.
  2. I have checked all the options in the properties window and all of them are in the default mode.
  3. Try reinstalling the printer, if this helps. =)
  4. FYI: If you look at my system, you'll notice that it's not too bad. I experience a 100% processor usage when my print job starts, then after a few seconds and the printer is going, everything runs fine. When I'm running Winamp, playing some MP3s, it skips for a few seconds before resuming normal operation.

    In short: If you have printer spooling enabled, this is normal.


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  5. like bt said, thats normal.

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  6. Could always upgrade. I dunno if it's my system, the printer, or USB printer connection or just XP, but printing takes little to no resource use. And I print alot of papers for school and such while doing things in the background.
  7. Reread my post. It's only for the initial start, then everything resumes fine. USB would make it a bit better, I believe, but his system should be fine.


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  8. Check the parallel port mode in the BIOS. It should be set to EPP - Enhanced Parallel Port or ECP - Extended Capabilities Port. These modes have hardware support for data transfer similar to DMA and therefore loads the CPU less.

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