Can i downgrade to Vista from W7 Trial?


I loaded W7 64 Ultimate RC Trial to a new computer. can i install vista 32 on top of that? would my appz and data be in tack?


this there a way to stop the 2 hour shutdown until i can buy W7?

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  1. Sorry. You'll have to do a clean install. There is no way to "downgrade" and keep everything that was there in Vista.

    As for stopping the 2 hour shutdown, there's no way to stop it except for purchasing Windows 7 or reinstalling Vista.
  2. Vista was never installed on the W7 trial system. could i then downgrade to Vista from W7 trial and keep data?

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  3. If you have installed more than 4GB RAM, 32 Bit OS wont show it.
    Do you have legitimate copy of Vista 32bit??

    You have to fromat C: drive, after that you can install Vista.
    Before doing clean install, Back up files.

    Hope these reviews will explain win 7 advantages over Vista
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