ADAT to Firewire interface?

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Does anyone make a simple ADAT/Firewire ore ADAT/USB2.0 interface box? I'd
like to connect my DDX3216 digital mixer to my laptop, and having access to
this via either Firewire or USB2.0 would be very nice. I'm aware that some
of the audio AD/DA interfaces (e.g. Motu 828 MkII, Traveler, 896; Behringer
BCA2000), but I'd really just like a converter between ADAT and my computer.
Plus, of the AD/DA interface boxes out there, the most I've seen is 8
channels of ADAT I/O.

I've also seen that Alesis makes an ADAT/Firewire interface for their FST
drives. But, it seems like it is just for access to info from their ADAT
drives and not a general ADAT/Firewire interface.

Thanks for any info...

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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    "Matt" <> wrote in message
    > The cheapest I can find is the Behringer BCA2000. It has ADAT in/out
    > plus a few other channels of audio. It didn't seem to get very great
    > reviews but it is only $220.
    > Check ebay too.
    > -- Matt

    Thanks Matt - I'd considered the Behringer box in my cursory assessment of
    what's out there. What I'd love to see is a very simple converter for ADAT
    to either USB 2.0 or Firewire. This seems like a very simple implementation
    since both ADAT chips and Firewire/USB chips are quite readily available. I
    guess the hard part would be to build solid drivers and support them. But
    given that Alesis is actually making an ADAT/Firewire port for their FST
    drives, it would be really great if they made a similar converter for ADAT
    lightpipe to Firewire. Alas, my search may go on in vain.

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