PC screen goes blank suddenly, different times

my windows 7 ultimate self built machine screen goes blank, power still on, acts like a reboot, but doesn't beep, so it doesn't reboot, took out video card, used motherboard video through hdmi, does the same thing, also removed ram got 4 beeps from motherboard.
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  1. If you removed all the ram, the system won't boot, so the beep errors are normal.

    Did you try a different monitor?

    Did you try different RAM or try one stick at a time?
  2. I have had power supply problems before, but my board told me about the problem. This time I had no clue what was wrong. My new Ultra showed up yesterday and so far seems to have solved my problem. Thank you
  3. My boyfriend is having the same problem. He built a really nice computer with expensive fancy top-of-the-line parts, but of course it keeps failing. Computer still runs, but the screen goes out. Sometimes its a black screen, sometimes it's light blue, sometimes it's all glitchy-looking with lines everwhere.

    We've tried plugging the computer into a separate outlet by itself, but that didn't help. We also tried opening the case up and having a fan blow in there but that didn't help either. It seems to shut itself off randomly. Sometimes in-game, sometimes when sitting idle, sometimes it happens before the computer can even turn on fully!

    Any advice?
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