Help Please! Very confused.

I want to have a friend game on my primary monitor with a PS3 controller connected via Bluetooth, while at the exact same time I(myself) am using my secondary monitor to go on the internet, access music, whatever I usually do on my desktop. I have done extensive reading into this and find allot of different answers. One of the answers being "THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE". I will not accept this answer as being true as I have forced my computer to do what I want already using a program called AutoHotkey. My problem is keeping the program doing what I have set it up for. I followed a guide on a forum I came across forcing games to run in a boarder-less windowed mode and I successfully ran several games in this mode for hours with no problems, as I used Facebook, iTunes etc... while my friend enjoyed a host of steam games via my PS3 controller. I restarted my PC the next day and everything stopped working. Very frustrated I removed AutoHotkey and began looking for a different avenue to success. I am prepared to work out the kinks on my end with this program, if anyone out there has some advice to this it would be very appreciated. As-well if anyone can offer me some other route to solving my original problem. Gaming on primary monitor while accessing the secondary, and have each monitor using different input devices. I.e primary monitor is using the PS3 controller, secondary is using keyboard/mouse.

Thank you for anything you can come up with.....(other than "it can not be done")
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  1. i suggest you visit the forums where you originally found the information on the programs that allowed you to do what you described - for sure you'll get more help there than here
  2. The computer can only have one mouse controller. If you hook up two mice (as in your mouse and the PS3 controller which more or less acts as a mouse), you will still only have one cursor and only one of the mice will be able to select items using it.

    That AutoHotkey program will not allow you to add a second mouse and use it as a second cursor, aside from maybe use keyboard shortcuts a bit better. If what you did was run two windows, one using the PS3 controller as a mouse and you using the keyboard commands, that would work.

    If you already did this before with two mouse controllers, can you link to where you found the solution?
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