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Okay, so here's the thing. I just bought an Acer Aspire 5100 in November, since owning it I have already had to restore it 10+ times. It constantly freezes, crashes and only recognizes my CD/DVD ROM when it wants to. I am near tears because their web site offers no help and I am as frusterated as you can get. I haven't even been able to use it since I bought it. The only time I spend on that PC is when I'm trying to fix it. Does anyone have any solutions? I am about ready to lose it. :( :(
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  1. I am assuming that the laptop is still under warranty. Your best bet is to contact Acer and see if they will replace the laptop. Again, if it's under warranty, you should have no problems doing this. I tsounds like you might have a bad motherboard or something is going on with the hardware drivers for your DVD rom. Call Acer.
  2. It's very likely that it is a hardware issue. Could be the system board, or possibly just the CD-ROM reading bad data occasionally and corrupting OS files when you install. I agree with lost, send it back to Acer and tell em to figure it out and fix it.
  3. I am having the same problem with my cd-rom and have sent the laptop to Acer to replace the system borad for an unrelated reason. I still have the cd-rom issue.
  4. I had all the same problems as well. I was running windows vista and then upgraded to windows 7. Upgrading was a horror show because of the freezing and other problems. I finally had to do an entire system restore and then install the upgrade. It took a long time but now my computer runs perfect.
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