8 ms LCD / unbelievable image quality!


In looking to purchase an LCD, I came across a company that apparently is very much unknown to most people. This company is called CMV, and their LCD monitors look great.

The image quality is unbelievable, it's better than any higher end model I've seen from any other company. They're cheaper than other higher end LCDs here in Israel (for comparison, higher end LCDs here from LG, Sony, Benq etc. should cost around $600 USD, while CMV's cost around $400-$500), and their technical specs are great. Here's one:


Pixel Pitch
0.264 mm

1280 x 1024 / SXGA

Display Color
16.7 M

450 cd/m2

Contrast Ratio

Viewing Angle


Scan Rate
28~82 KHz

50~76 Hz

Display Area
338 x 270 mm

Response Time
8 ms

Power Source
Stand-Alone AC Adapter 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz¡£Output: 19VDC, 3.16A¡¤

3.5 kg¡£Including Stand¡¤

I'd like to hear your thoughts on these LCDs, and what you think I should look into before buying them (where are the potential problems with this monitor, if any?).

They have one of the best dead pixel policies I've seen (4 here in Israel, but their Thailand corporate website - which is their main site - suggets a 0 dead pixel policy), and they are coupled with a 3 year warranty here.

I can't stress how great the image quality is with these monitors, you'll have to see it. What I saw was actually one of their lowest end models, the Polyview PT-725a (same company, different line of products) - you can check out the specs of that one here:


Most of their LCDs weigh 3.5 Kilograms, which is pretty light, too.

Your feedback is appreciated, thanks! :)

Adi Friedman.
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  1. In the states, you can get a Dell 2001FP 20" TFT display for around $610, but has 16ms refresh verses that 17" 8ms.
    But I have never heard of that co, bezel is a bit wide for LCD

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  2. Ive been thinking of buying one of those monitors, but they are pretty rare here (australia). Apparently this LCD was only released in Taiwan in September this year, and the only english sites on google about this monitor are a few news sites, and one PC store here in aus.

    Ive also read heaps of forums posts where people comment on other CMV monitors they own- the 722, 723, 726 etc, and I havnt heard a single bad review. I hope i can get my hands on one :D
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