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Does anyone know of a way / setting / application I can use to ensure that nothing in the freaking UNIVERSE can steal the focus from the application I am using?

I am so sick and tired of being beeped at and my text ending up all over the damn show because something popped up and stole the focus...
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  1. Focus? A term used often when referring to binoculars. Text all over the damn show? Somethig a circus clown would say?
  2. Can't be done. The system can always steal the focus at any time it wants to. (You really need that so that serious error messages can be displayed.) The extreme case is when you blue-screen.

    If it's other applications or the web browser that steals the focus the answer is trivial. (Close the offending application.)
  3. Pretty much the only way to do that is to make sure that nothing else is running that might steal focus. What is it that's stealing focus from you right now?
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