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Ok, I know that windows has that emulation thing where you can set the game
to work in a previous version of windows... has that ever worked for anybody?
I accepted that some of my games would not work on XP but now after getting
SP2 games that did work do not. One such game is UFO: Enemy Unknown (Xcom
UFO Defender for those of you in the US)

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.games (More info?)

    go to the folder that its installed to and right click EVERY thing, go to
    properties, and check all tabs for a box that says "run capatability" or
    something like that. and then change it to what you think might make it run.

    SP2 does cause issues, i just uninstalled it and rather then using IE i
    started using netscape to block popup and spyware.

    Also, if you cant install the game, do the above steps on the CD. I couldnt
    install magic the gathering cause i wasent using windows 95 (was and still am
    using XP) and then when I ran compatibility on the CD and its programs, I was
    able to installl MTG.

    Wish I could give you more exact info on how to run compatibility but my
    nazi school locked down the computers so I cant right click to pull up the
    compatibility menu.
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