Why does my computer not come back on after power failure

Why doesn't my computer boot up after power failure? The bios is set to boot after power failure.
I have to jump start the motherboard to get it to boot. What causes this to happen? Is it a power surge? I can unplug and plug the computer back in and have no problem booting. If I have a power failure, no Boot. The last power failure was a sudden off no "on-Off" fluctuations. I want an explantion so I can prevent it from happening. Is a UPC the only solution?
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  1. If you are having that many power outages, get a UPS for sure.
    You need to check with the PC vendor about how the system would behave under different conditions.
  2. Indeed... get a UPS. However it could also be related to the PSU, some PSU wont come ON after a sudden power OFF just as a fail-safe.
  3. It's not something I would do unless you have power conditioning. When power returns, there's a huge draw on the electric distribution system. This causes a wide swings in voltage voltage and in rush which can be damaging to electronics.

  4. It could also be a setting in the Bios. The ASUS and Gigabyte motherboard I have had recently but had a "Power On after outtage setting". Your PSU could be marginal as well, if this has started happening after adding a GPU graphics card or hard drive(S).
  5. I have my bios set to use the previous state, so if it ws off, it remains off and if it was on, it will boot back up after a power failure. In this case, I think your PSU is ignoring the bios in order to protect itself and/or the entire system.

    As others stated, I recommend a good UPS to help protect your electronics.
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