sony vaio v505ax or toshiba M15-S405?

i am about to purchase my first laptop. my mind was set on the sony vaio v505ax already for 1800 after 100 rebate. today i went to bestbuy and saw the toshiba M15-S405 and tempting to get that instead. it is a centrino with a 32mb GeForce4 420 Go graphic chip plus integrated wireless network, but it is a lot bigger than the vaio and $100 more. i just love the way the sony looks such a small laptop with so much feature. the only down side about the sony is the graphic card, only a 16mb ATI Mobility RADEON. i don't really care about wireless network because i have no place to use it now and i can always purchase a pc card later if i need it. plese help me decide. thanks.

one last thing, should i get the extended warranty from bestbuy? the sales man was telling me that i should get it because i would need to replace the battery on the laptop every year and realine(spelling?) the lens on the cdrom drive every year, that alone will be worth it. i don't really trust him but just want to make sure if it is true. thanks very much for your help.

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  1. personally I would choose the Sony, I have an NVR23 that I just got and I love it, I like to game in the eves in my spare time when I am on the road working and the g4 420 Go 32 DDR card can do it well. I did ot buy extended warranty I paid on my Visa card and this extended manufacture warranty for another year so I have 2 yr warranty. Check for reviews on both machines and pick the one you like. I must say the Vaios flat out look sexy and I love mine so far not one complaint otyher than it is a bit heavy more a destop replacement than a true notebook but I can lug it around not a prob.:)

    Cisco KId

    NVR23 Laptop and a Killa desktop too much too list
  2. thanks for the input. i know what u mean about the vaio, they just look so good. but the toshiba is a centrino and the battery on those last for hours. so hard to decide. but i think i will go with the sony tho.
  3. I can understand that as well, I was gonna go with a Dell Centrino to begin with buit then I though how many times will I just need battery. My Vaio will play a 2 hr dvd and then it is done, but to just use battery power and max powersavings through the vid card it should stretch to 2.5, good luck in your search

    cisco kid

    NVR23 Laptop and a Killa desktop too much too list
  4. i guess. vaio it is. that thing is so tiny and comes with a dvd cdrw combo. i just love it. thanks alot for the advise.
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