Fix for 80211n wireless router not compatible with windows 7

My 80211n wireless adapter does not pick up my clear wireless router. My OS is windows 7. My router has to be connected by Ethernet cable then it is exceedingly slow. Best location for router is in attic.
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  1. I think the Clear Wireless Router only picks up the system signal(internet) and delivers the internet through Ethernet to your home. In order to pick it up on your wireless adapter, you would need to connect the Clear Wireless Router to a wireless router.
  2. I also use a "wireless modem" at home - however you still have to connect it to a wireless router so your computer can pick it up.

    Those "wireless modems" from your ISP use a different radio band than wireless routers, which is why you still need to hook it up to your wireless router.

    It's the same reason why a notebook/laptop cannot connect to a 3G cell phone/internet service, unless you have a specific dongle for your notebook to connect to the 3G cell phone/internet.
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