Crucial,Corsair, etc?

Not a computer guy. Will have P4 2.4c,ABIT IS7 mobo...will need memory. For kids games now, maybe overclocking a bit later. What kind and how much, PC3200? 2 sticks 256MB vs 1 512 MB? Help. I'm confused. Thanks

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  1. get 2 sticks of high quality pc3200...that way you can take advantage of dual channel...

    geil, corsair, kingston, twinmos, crucial, ocz, and mushkin make some pretty good quality memory...

    Proud owner of DOS 3.3 :smile:
  2. - If there's a possibility of overclocking in the future, get at least PC3500. PC3700 or faster for serious overclocking.

    - Two sticks as <b>piii man</b> suggested.

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