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I forgot the password on my laptop and can't seem to find anyway around it. I tried the obvious things like removing the cmos battery with no luck. It says something about being a hard drive password so I tried replacing the hard drive with no luck. Any ideas? It's an older Dell C600
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  1. You removed the main battery when you reset the CMOS, right? From my understanding it only relies on the CMOS battery when main power isn't available.
  2. JasumX - Sorry, but that is not true

    Unless you are lucky enough to get the software cracking utils to work, they're hard to find but you can find them, then you will have to order a new security chip from pheonix tech, IIRC.

    I had the same problem with my dell C800, nasty security chip, did tons of research and turns out the only ways to get by this is either to guess the password, use some sort of software cracking utility(a very long shot, rarely work), or replace the security chip (there are guides somewhere, usually included with the chip).

    Thats just what I remember from my problem with the C800. Could be wrong tho.
  3. Is that just different in notebooks then? I remember having to remove the main power from my first desktop when I was first playing around with BIOS settings (I got a lil crazy), otherwise it would not reset.
  4. removing the battery and main power resets the bios is both notebooks and desktops. But in this case I believe there is a security chip on the mobo that stores these bios passwords, making it useless even if you reset or replace the bios chip, thats why I explained that in the worst case scenario you have to replace the chip which costs a bit.

    At least I think thats right.
  5. i purchased a laptop from a private owner and pushed to many buttons so now its locked up
  6. You could have just posted this to one threat, windows...

    It's not like these people come back to look at their threads.
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