Acer and the "half_width_bused" radeon x1600

I have just realized that my Acer notebooks' graphic card, a Radeon X1600, doesn't have a 128 bit memory bus (as described in Ati specifications), but a poor, narrow 64 bit memory bus! Half the bandwidth! But why Acer didn't write this CRUCIAL info neither on the front stickers nor in the user manual? I feel myself REALLY fooled by Acer now! MY RADEON X1600 IS NEARLY AS SLOW AS A RADEON X1400 (but it costs as a "fully featured" Radeon X1600)!!! I SURELY won't buy an Acer product anymore. They are not serious at all with their costumers. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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  1. what model did you get? aspire 5672 wlmi? How much did you spend on it. It used to be a good deal at newegg for about 1050 after rebate
  2. See if you can return your laptop. I'm using a X200M with my Compaq. But I did not want to spend alot of my on my latop at the time I bought it.
  3. The model is "5672 Awlmi". I've bought it for 1199 euros here in Italy, last October.
  4. I was also wandering if it's worth returning the note to the seller. But I don't think It's a good idea: it works, It's not broken so they would'nt do anything but give it back to me saying "We don't care at all if you are below 30 fraps in quake 4... "
  5. ya, you'd probably take a "restocking fee" if you return it with out defect with in the return period. But since that was last fall, you will certainly be SOL now. 1199 euros seems a little high. The euro is worth more than the U.S. dollar isn't it? Unfortunately it was well known among review sites this was a poor performer do to it's castrated x1600 - 3dmarkO5 at ~2300. Next time you'll have to do more thorough research. You could always try ebay
  6. Do you really think that a typical "ebayer" would have told me about the 64 bit bus? Let me be quite doubtful about that....When I bought it I only had a precise idea of which configuration I was looking for, I couldn't know that THAT PARTICULAR ACER MODEL would have become my first laptop. I was attracted also by Asus and HP notes, but with mine, you know, it's been love at first sight! How perfectly balanced configuration!
    The laptop is brand new and boasts a three years warranty....
    Now I'm waiting for an official answer about this case by Acer. But even on this point I'm really really doubtful....
    Thanks for the replies, and best greetings from Rome!
    Buon San Valentino a tutti quanti voi oltre Oceano...
  7. Ya, I understand that it's confusing advertisement by Acer, and an Ebay salesperson will always hide unfortunate details if they can be ambiguous. When i said "try ebay".. i meant.. sell it on ebay and get something you want. But in general the 5672 wasn't a bad deal. People got what they were paying for. No manufacturer had an x1600 gpu in a laptop for a lower price, let alone with it's configuration. Again, I'm not sure what the currency conversion equals, but 1250 U.S would have been average top dollar for these systems at that time. Many full x1600 gpu's were in systems 1500+. I know because I was looking at them. I didnt' mean any offense, just trying to help. Good luck with Acer.
  8. I've not been offended by your words, don't worry, and I thank you once again for your replies :D . I do agree with you when you say "try to sell it on ebay..."; but I'm still paying for it 63 euros every month (until october 2008), so...maybe next year, november...
    Thanks for your help.
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