Integrated/Internal wireless N in laptops soon?

I've heard that laptops will soon be coming with wireless N built in. Is this true? If so, when will laptops with this feature be expected to hit retail stores? Thanks
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  1. Yes, Intel's next "Centrino" platform will have 802.11b/g/n standard. Time frame? Couple of months, maybe?
  2. well if you buy a macbook or macbook pro it is already in the laptop. I dont know about other comp
  3. I already knew about the mac books. You have to pay, like, $2 or so for them to turn the n on. That's what our Mac Pro guy told us. As far as Intel's new chipset, I believe that it will have both wireless N capabilities as well as DirectX 10 support. Sometime in May. Thanks for the responses guys.
  4. You can get "n" class cards now. Do a quick search of Ebay once and you will find them. Try something like "mini PCI express and 802.11n", I found some DELL cards right away.

    The Intel part number for the PCI express version is: 4965agn

    Direct X 10 is such a mystery to people, only slightly ursurped by Intel's Santa Rosa chipset. These two things have nothing to do with one another.
  5. Any update on santa rosa? when are they going to be available - end of may-beginning of june? and how much performance boost can we expect from 800fsb?
  6. They are saying the beginning of June.

    I would say not to expect some huge performance jump.
    I mean 667 to 800 fsb, and some extra wireless support, the CPU jumps to 2.4 Ghz, not exactly the 2.0 Ghz mobile CPU they were saying would come with it.

    I would say you can cut a deal with vendors right now on existing technology to move inventory out that would probably be worth more than any performance boost you would be paying full retail for in 2 months.
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