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Has anyone here shipped any computer components into Canada from the US? If so, do you know how much duty they charge when you bring it in? I'll be ordering most of the parts for my new PC from the US, so I need to know the duty on pretty much all the components used in a new PC
(Case, PSU, mobo, processor, RAM, Hard Drive, etc.), except for the cooling as I'll be ordering all the parts for my watercooling system :) from Canadian suppliers.

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  1. yeah dude, you're just asking for trouble when bringing components in from the US... i'm in Montreal, and I build systems and such, have some distributors in the States but its just so damn expensive to bring stuff in, you're talking customs %7, and then brokkerage fees with UPS can go up to $200 (max)... to give you an idea, just the other day had $80 of fans from New Jersey, cost me $30 in brokerage (CAD$).

    If you're interested you can always private msg me with a list of components you're looking for and I can price them for you (also cooling components, watercooling, pelletier and phase change).

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  2. You have the third party option. Buy all the parts in the U.S., have it assembled in the U.S. by your "cousin", and have it shipped to you by your "cousin" as a gift. I have a lot of cousins!

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  3. Thanks for the tips! You're probably right, error. I've managed to find everything I need (except for the monitor and cooling) here in Calgary, albeit at slightly higher prices. I've decided it's not really worth all the trouble to order from the states, so I'll pay the extra money and get my stuff here. The exception being the cooling, which I'm bringing in from Ontario and Quebec (so no duty), and the monitor which I'll still bring in from the states because I can't find anything equivalent here. Thanks again for the help.
  4. Same conclusion I've came up with time and time again, though a lot of the specialised cooling products I still do get from the manufacturers in the states and even europe. What kind of cooling will you be going with, and whats this hard to find monitor?

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  5. I am interested in a Mach V by Falcon Northwest (US company). I called Revenue Canada and they said there is NO duty on computers shipped in from the US. I called on two seperate ocassions and got the same response. FEDEX charges a very low fixed rate for brokerage fees. (Brother-in-law manages FEDEX shop in Western Ontario). However you still will pay conversion and GST PST. I think if you can find it out of province, you avoid the PST and usually this is more than shipping to your province of residence. DOes anyone know of any internet company that assembles your selected parts and ships to you ready to go? Not in Ontario of possible?
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