Help, New 19" screen (LG or Benq)


My old 19" syncmaster crt screen just blew up, and i wanted to go flat!

Iwe been looking at
LG 1915s (Doesnt have DVI though)
Benq FP937s

Theyre both 12ms but im pretty new to these flat screens, so the rest of the specs dont tell me anything.. also its been a few years since iwe used a flat screen, how good have they become in gaming vs a good crt screen??

like many others have stated here on this board theres not really any tests or reviews out there, and i have read through and searched on both these models with no luck..

I need it partially for gaming (online games DAoC, World of warcraft etc) and reading text. so because im not playing the hyper doom 3, UT and whatnot, i hope ghosting wont be a real problem.

So if anybody has one of these screens PLEASE give me a tip on wheather to buy one of em or not..

Kim Jørgensen
Barton 2500@3200
1 gig geil golden dragon pc3200
Radeon 9800pro
currently blown up crt screen :-(
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  1. Well i would go witht he benq. they have good prices on them these day's

    And to awnser your question, lcd's have gotten very ggod over the years. They are doing very well. Currentyl many people aare switchign to lcd's. They last long, are great for small desks, light and portable, are starting to get affordible and can keep up with games now.

    All those guy's saying lcd's sucks because of ghosting dont understand that the ghosting is very minor and u cnat even notice it.

    Im starting to bulid my new comp. Look at my sig, that what im using right now, and i just bought a new case, cooler msater stacker. Now im starting to look for some fan's and colling devies.

    ASUS 440BX P3B-F, Intel P3 @ 553Mhz, 128Mb Pc133 Ram, nVidia Gefore 256, IBM 20gig HD, Creative Sound Blaster Live,Lg Cd-Burner, Creative 52x Cd Drive, Microsoft Windows XP Pro/2000 Pro Duel Boot
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