Will this motherboard work with my computer?

First I'll explain the situation:
A few months ago, my laptop began mysteriously freezing up...not rebooting, but just hanging. I tried everything I could think of to test components, everything seemed fine. I took it to a shop, they informed me that it was my motherboard and that I would need to pay them 430 dollars to send the laptop out somewhere to have the mobo replaced. Not willing to spend about as much as the two year old laptop is worth to fix it, I started looking at my other options.

The specs on my laptop:
Toshiba M45-S265
1.6 ghz Pentium M Processor
512 MB Ram
GB 5400 RPM hard drive

I found this mobo on ebay:
I know there is a chance that this new motherboard is broken, but for around 20 bucks I figured I'd try it.
It says these laptops are compatible with it:
# Toshiba Satellite PSM40U-073001
# Toshiba Satellite PSM40U-073001B

If you look these up, you will see that they are essentially the same computer, only with a higher clocked Pentium M. This to me suggests that I could get this mobo to work if i changed the BIOS. I want to know if I can do this, and also how difficult it will be. I have built a couple of desktops before, but I've never fiddled with laptops so I'm not sure how hard this is.
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  1. I have got the same model comp. Toshiba M45 S265. Couple of weeks ago I had only battery plugged into it and left it. When I came back it was dead. I thought the battery ran out So I plugged it to adaptor. Everything this seemed fine. The blue LED lit up and I pressed the power button then suddenly while the computer was trying to boot it shut off instantly. Then the blue light was gone as well. I fiddled with the power jack and managed to get the blue LED but everytime it tries to boot on it dies. I have managed to get into the window couple of times but it won't stay for too long.

    Then I took everything apart and isolated everything. Theres no physical damage anywhere. Thought it was Virus. Still not sure if virus are capable to do that.

    Anyway, after weeks of trying ( have spent more than 30 hours working on it). I have now boiled the problem down to PSU. I tried to unscreew PSU but that screw is so flimsy that I manged to ruing its head while unscrewing it. The head of the screew is deformed and its still stuck in there. So I can't check the PSU. However, after that I did manage to trun on the comp and it worked fine. Except for keyboard. Some buttons gone funny. i.e. when I press S button it give WS for some reason and some button don't even work.

    I'm thinking of replacing the mobo as well. If worse comes to worse I will have to sell the parts which are all working fine.

    I will be looking around. I will let you know if I find one. Also let me know if you do find any solution.

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