Geforce Go 7900GTX vs Quadro 2500M

Hey all,

I've got a laptop that has the Nvidia Quadro 2500M which is basically the workstation version of the geforce go 7900GTX. The laptop hasn't arrived yet but I was reading around a bit and I still don't know the following things:

1. Will it be a problem to play normal 3d games with this card?
2. Will it be slower than a geforce go 7900GTX
3. If so can I somehow flash the card into a geforce go 7900GTX?

Thanks for the help!
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  1. No it shouldn't be too much of a problem depending on the game. Tom's did a review between two notebooks with those same GPUs. The 2500 performed just slightly behind the 7900 GTX in game tests and scored a bit lower in PC Mark.

    Check out the performance graphs in this review:
    Eurocom Quadro vs. KN 7900 GTX

    That review pretty much sums up what you want to know.
    And as far as I know, there is no way to flash the card.
  2. I actually use a Quadro FX 2500M 512Mb GPU in my personal Executioner.

    Stock clocks on the card are 500/600; I have overclocked this card to 550/720 and it outperforms a stock 7950 GTX and runs cooler. Works fine in games, and where it really excels is rendering. For the application I use it cuts times noticeably.

    Depending on the game engine you are using, it may like the 7950 architecture better, but there are some games that do allot of rendering, and these games are going to love the Quadro card.

    Granted, there is a premium for the card, but for CAD/CAM/Rendering, there is no comparison.
  3. lol Mark,
    I remember at one point trying to convince you the Quadro cards could game at nearly the same levels as the GeForce comparible. Glad to see you went to the darkside :wink:
    The heat issue is odd. I would of figured overclocking it to 7950GTX timings would result in temps about the same.

    Question: Can your phase 1 heatsink work on the quadro card, or is the design too different?
  4. It will work no problem.

    I just got an email talking about MS Flight Simulator X, and how it is grueling on machines. This particular person had a 7950 GTX and said it ran great, but I wonder what it would run like on a Quadro. Seems like there would be a allot more rendering in that environment.

    Any thoughts Chris?
  5. Probably not as good as the 7950GTX. The Quadro cards are optimized for OpenGL applications. They also handle Antialiasing a lot better and supposedly multi-monitor setups better.

    Since it's a Microsoft game, I'm sure it's DirectX so the 2500M will probably be about the same albeit a bit slower. OpenGL engines are used in the Quake graphic engine. So, expect your best performance using that game engine.

    But, if you are running Vista, expect a decrease in performance of 10-15% from XP because OpenGL isn't entirely natively supported.

    Interesting article here:
  6. Yea, Windows VISTA has quite a few more glitches then it should IMHO. I made the mistake of getting a bunch of VISTA Business, and all my orders from this month are saying, "I want XP Pro!"

    I know more than a few people in the industry saying, "This O.S. just doesn't support an unreasonable amount of programs. That to me is pretty unacceptable, but only the great and powerful Microsoft would conclude that the entire industry should recreate itself for their sake.

    I am despising MS more and more every day. I have been "activated", "updated", and "licensed" to death with their confusing array of VISTA O.S. choices that are being force fed to me. I'm done with them... as much as I can be.
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