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Does anyone have a dual core tablet PC? Are they really heavy on the battery?
I am looking for one for work, I deal with a lot of intensive 3d apps (architecture), and I'd like it to have a decent video card as well as be able to run an occasional round of CS :D It won't be run entirely on battery, I use it mostly to display technical 3d data to customers, where I can change things on the fly right in front of them. Usually I need around 2 hours of a battery life on a long run.

Anyone have any good suggestions?
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  1. Gateway C-141XL, basicly a C-140x with most of the bells and whistles added. gateway quite making them customisable and just has a stripped version and a loaded version. neither comes with the exended battery, but you might be able to still get it, but shouldn't need it

    its Wacom Penabled, 14" WS, and has ATI 2300HD graphics 128mb dedicated plus can suck some system memory if needed. mine showed as DX10 and I even played Witcher on it a little before it was ripped off

    the cheaper version uses Intell X3100
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