Receiving a blank screen when loading windows 7 64 bit, please advise

Hello all,

I've run into a problem that's preventing Windows 7 from loading normally. The problem starting happening yesterday, when my computer froze up while I was surfing AGV antivirus . Ever since then, I cannot make it past the "Starting Windows" screen. Afterwards, instead of going to the "Loading" screen, my screen goes to blank.

Since I could still bring up safe mode, I've tried the following things, with either no success, or Windows can't detect anything wrong:
1. Performed a System Restore to a day earlier.
2. Startup Repair didn't detect anything wrong.
3. WIndows Memory Diagnostic didn't detect anything wrong.

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  1. download, update, and run Malwarebytes anti malware. Also do a full virus scan. Use msconfig/hijackthis to check for suspicious items.

    Check the event viewer if safemode lets you
  2. Click start button->Computer->right click c: drive and select properties-tools->check now
    make sure both boxes are checked off and say yes for a scan after next restart, apply, ok
    You may need to do this twice.
    After it checks your hard drive if it still does not load into windows start in safemode open a command prompt
    as administrator then type sfc /scannow
    After its done try restarting in normal mode if it still does not start in normal mode then restart in safe mode
    you will need to download combofix from another computer on to a flash drive or cd run it in safemode.
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