Lock Ups - No BSOD

not sure where to put this but here goes.
Ill try to make this the least complicated as I can.

I purchased
ASRock X79 Extreme 9 socket 2011
Intel i7-3820
Corsair Dominator GT 2133 ram

used from old system
Sapphire Radeon HD 7990
SeaSonic 850w PSU
Kingston 120g SSD

Prior to building the New PC I had no issues at all. I got the New Motherboard, CPU and RAM, Built the computer and started having the issue that my Computer would Lock Up randomly, it seemed to be when I was playing a game and having other stuff going on my 2nd monitor. Just Lock up, no BSOD and nothing in the event logs, Have to push and hold power to turn off and then reboot.

I thought it was the Motherboard as I don't tend to use anything but Asus, SO I sent back the ASRock motherboard and purchased the Asus Rampage IV Extreme.

Reinstalled Windows with the Asus Motherboard still had the lock up issue. Next I got new RAM - I purchached the G.Skill Sniper series 1866 Ram, thought that was going to fix the issue BUT Still got a hard lock up.

so the things I know:
It seems to happen when im playing a game and have other things going - It seemed to happen when I played WoW and Diablo 3 which were actually installed on my 2nd harddrive ( Velociraptor ) so I moved my WoW folder to my Kingston and removed the Velociraptor -- Still Locked up

Only thing at this point I have not tried swapping are the PSU, the Video Card and the Harddrives. - Becuase those all seemed to work fine in my old system I didn't think those would be the culprit.

I have no tried changing out the CPU but not sure if that would be the cause as the computer seems to run fine with out locking up if i'm not playing a game and other stuff.

I know this is kind of a long list of things so I apologize in advance, I would be extremely grateful for any imput I could get. Ask any questions you need!

Also - Temperatures are not the issue as I've been monitoring them all and the CPU is usually at 30c-34c and the GPU runs around 60c-65c. : /
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  1. Cheapest next logical step is to eliminate the SSD by loading a basic Windows on the HDD (you don't need to enter a licence) and see if it locks up without the SSD in the loop. You'll probably best create a new partiton on the HDD for Windows if it has lots of data. Otherwise borrow a GPU of your best pal and see if that works... Won't hurt to download Speccy and check your main voltages meantime...
  2. I "MIGHT" have figured out the problem.. Don't want to give myself bad luck so i'm not going to be satisfied until I have a week or so under my belt with no lock ups.. BUT - After reading various articles about different lock up issues I came across one that said something about ATI Radeon cards and DX11 issues. The 2 games that it locked up on me that I remember the most, if not the only ones, were WoW and Diablo 3 which to my knowledge were the only 2 games that I was running DX11. Turned WOW to DX9 and so far have not had a lock up. I'll keep this thread posted.
  3. Lookups typically mean the system has fatally crashed, and in the process of trying to throw a BSOD message, suffered ANOTHER crash, resulting in the CPU hard locking. These are annoying to diagnose as a result.

    You did the right thing by replacing the motherboard first, as northbridge/RAM related problems are known to cause lockups under some conditions. Next logical step would be the SSD, as its known several SSD's have firmware problems that have been reported to cause hard locks like this [one reason why I don't want a SSD...].
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